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Transfer Student Clubs and Orgs

Transfer and Non-traditional Students for Health (TNT for Health)

  • The goal for TNT is to provide education and build community for students that have a limited time to apply to health professional schools. They host seminars, workshops, mixers, and leadership opportunities.


Transfers in Science

The goal of Transfers in Science (TiS) is to provide transfer students with academic, professional, and social support through different workshops, social activities, and volunteering. Transfer students face a different set of challenges so TiS is here to promote their achievements by providing the necessary resources for maximizing their success as well as offering a community of support, encouragement, and guidance.


Revelle College Opportunities

Revelle College Council Transfer Representatives

Revelle College Council (RCC) is Revelle’s student governing body. Duties of the council include providing oversight for Revelle's student activities fee, promoting student groups and events, and providing a means for Revelle students to get involved. Transfer representatives serve as co-chair to Revelle Transfer Student Network (RTSN), representative to the All Campus Transfer Association (ACTA), and coordinate with the RCC Director of Spirit and Events on at least project per quarter to help connect Revelle transfer students to the rest of the Revelle community. More information at:


Revelle Transfer Student Network

Revelle Transfer Student Network (RTSN) is a student-led organization that exists to provide programming and opportunities to support and engage transfer students. To join, please contact Melina Merrie Remesha at

Tribe of Muir Transfers (TMT)

  • Provides services and programs for transfer students. Tribe of Muir Transfers has hosted events such as DIY succulents, lunches, hikes, and many more


Warren Transfer and Commuter Commission (WTCC)

  • Warren Transfer and Commuter Commission addresses the needs for transfer and commuter students. They host events such as socials, workshops and many more.


Eleanor’s Transfers and Commuters (ETC)

  • ETC is designed to help transfer and commuter students get acquainted and stay involved at ERC through events both on and off campus such as free breakfasts, movie nights, barbeques and other activities.


Sixth Transfer Organization & Commuter Society (STORCS)

  • STORCS is an organization created to help transfers and commuter students acclimate to UCSD. They host transfer and commuter specific opportunities and is open to everyone, not just Sixth College students.


Marshall College Opportunities

Marshall Transfers and Commuters (MTAC)

Marshall Transfer and Commuters (MTAC) is a student organization dedicated to improving the transfer and commuter student experience at Marshall. Join MTAC and sharpen your leadership and planning skills while also helping other commuter students build community at their College! As an involved student leader, you will have the opportunity to shape the experiences and activities of commuter students at Marshall College, and positively impact the commuter student experience.

Join their discord: 

Advisor: Alicia Miller (


Marshall College Transfer Mentor Program

The mission of the Marshall College Transfer Mentor Program is to adjust, enhance and balance the transition of incoming 1st and 2nd year transfer students to UC San Diego. Through one-on-one mentoring, a supportive environment, and peer support, the Marshall College Transfer Students Program assists transfer students to succeed at UC San Diego.

For more information about being a mentor or a mentee, email Alicia Miller (


Marshall Mentor Program

The Marshall Mentor Program offers transfer students the opportunity to connect with faculty members in their academic discipline. Marshall College recognizes the importance of student/faculty interaction, and encourages students to take advantage of this program and enhance their college experience as scholars and citizens.

Learn more about the Marshall Mentor Program.

Seventh College Transfer Organization (SCTO)

General Information

The Seventh College Transfer Organization is an inclusive student-led organization that is dedicated to increasing access to resources, providing safe spaces, developing oppotunities to connect, and advocating for Seventh College transfer students. Our mission is to offer a platform for transfer students to share their experiences, opportunities to participate in the UC San Diego and Seventh College communities and outreach, and receive long term peer support throughout your time at UCSD.

Membership is focused on transfer students enrolled or living at Seventh College, but meetings and events are open to all UC San Diego transfer students.

Organization Contact Information:
SCTO Email

Meeting Information:
General member meetings are held weekly on Friday at 11:00 AM over Zoom.
Email SCTO for meeting information.

Jordan Hinze, Seventh College Program Assistant


Principle Members

  • President (Co-Chair): Sonya Shafir
  • President (co-chair): Mel Markley
  • Financial Officer: Sayed Sadaat
  • Director of Outreach: Kevin Hovland

Find more opportunities to get involved within the Center for Student Involvement!