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Volunteer Program

As a part of our commitment to serving and supporting the diverse population of transfer students at UCSD, the Triton Transfer Hub Volunteer Program welcomes volunteers in an effort to assist students in connecting them to the university and empower students to achieve their goals. Not only will student volunteers take on leadership roles, but those who participate in 10 hours of volunteer work over the academic year will also have the option to receive credit towards their Co-Curricular Record. 



By volunteering with the Triton Transfer Hub, students will be able to:

  • Create a strong transfer student community and friendships.
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Work closely with diverse people on projects towards shared goals.
  • Familiarize themselves with the university system. 

Why should you volunteer?

The Transfer Hub Volunteer Program is designed to provide opportunities for transfer students to connect with the university while engaging with their peers and organizations on campus through volunteer work. It often takes time to adjust to a larger university and it may be difficult to establish friendships with others in a similar position as a transfer student. This program was created to ease the transition process and encourage students to build their network.

How can I participate?

Submit your interest using this form. 

We will contact you via email with details on the next steps to take during the summer. In the meantime, join our discord here.

Where can I find volunteer opportunities?

All volunteer opportunities will be emailed to you once registered and posted on our Volunteer Program Channel in the Triton Transfer Hub discord.


What are the volunteer positions?

Volunteer Positions

  • Social Media 
    • Posting on our social media accounts, account takeovers, etc.
  • Event Assistance
    • Event set up and clean up, engaging participants of events, event registration.
  • Outreach
    • Participate in panels or presentations, promote outreach opportunities, raise awareness of the Triton Transfer Hub events and resources, develop relationships with campus partners.

Contact Information


The Triton Transfer Volunteer Discord will serve as the official means of communication for the volunteer program. Utilize Discord regularly to identify volunteer opportunities, communicate with other volunteers and the Transfer Hub team, and receive updates. Keep in mind that communications via Discord should be timely.

Discord Link: 

For any questions or concerns comment on the “#volunteer-program” Channel.


In case of an emergency contact us at