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Triton Transfer Tell Alls are blog posts made by Triton Transfers. Check back monthly for stories from students who have walked in your shoes.

The Ultimate UCSD Photo Guide

June 4, 2021

It’s that exciting time of the year where new transfers are accepting their offers and others are graduating from UCSD. Whether you just got accepted to UCSD, you’re graduating, or just want to take some amazing pictures on campus, this guide will help you find the best places to take photos on campus and how to get there! 


To get to most locations, you can use Let’s grab our walking shoes, cameras, and friends for an adventure around the campus!

Geisel Library

One of the first places you should stop by is Geisel Library. This is a very iconic spot on campus and there are a lot of different places here you can take photos at. You could honestly spend hours at this location because there is so much to work with!


To get to Geisel library, use for driving and walking instructions. The library is in the center of campus and can be seen from far away! The best parking structure for visitors is Gilman Parking Structure, and it takes about 5 minutes to get to the library.

Make sure to explore both the first and second floor of the library!

First floor photo ideas:

two people on to of Geisel sign 

person in front of Geisel Libraryperson in front of Geisel Library

person in front of Geisel Libraryperson in front of Geisel Library

Snake Path

If you are on the second floor of Geisel, you will see a stone snake path which will lead you to another iconic place to take pictures. There is also a hidden bench which is great for photos as well!

 person in front of Geisel Libraryperson in front of Geisel Library

Warren Bear

Another popular but hidden spot is the Warren Bear. This friendly bear is located in Warren College between the Bioengineering building and the Computer Science building. Warren college is near Geisel library and the Price Center restaurant, Dirty Birds. If your back is towards Geisel, walk towards the Bioengineering building and make a left at the building. You will see the statue right away! 

map to Warren Bear

This is the Bioengineering building, and you will make a left here to get to the Warren Bear.

Here is a photo inspiration at Warren Bear:

Person in front of Warren Bear

UCSD Sign 

To find this sign, head to Osler Parking structure near the Medical campus. You will see tall flag poles near this large sign. This sign is right off of Gilman Street and is hard to miss.

Person in front of UCSD sign

Price Center Flowers

These flowers bloom during spring and they are perfect for portraits! It reminds me of cherry blossom flowers in Japan.These flower trees are right across from Price Center and the shuttle stop near Warren College. 

 Location of Price Center flowers

person in front of the flowers at the Price Centerperson in front of the flowers at the Price Center

 Revelle Stone Henges

To find this location, go to the very edge of Revelle College, south of Galbraith Hall or walk towards Scholars drive. You will be able to see the monument from there! It is also right across Shank Theatre.

Person in front of Stone Henges UCSDPerson in front of Stone Henges UCSD

Bonus: Scripps Pier  

Scripps Pier is about 5 minutes away from campus and is another iconic photoshoot location. It is great for graduation photos, portrait shots, and for beautiful sunsets!

Collage of images of people at Scripps Pier

For more photo inspiration, check out our instagram video reel and post as well. Don’t forget to tag us @tritontransfer when you post your amazing pictures. Good luck and have fun!





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