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You spoke. We listened.  Transfer Student Success asked transfer students what they would like to see in the new transfer center spaces during our November 2019 listening campaign. Below are the results of our findings and our plans for the Academic Year 2019-2020.  The listening campaign was designed to hear the variety of needs of transfer students at UC San Diego in their own words, and then work together to prioritize our program plans. This listening campaign focused on creating short and long-term goals for both physical and digital spaces to meet the students’ needs of today and tomorrow based on available resources within Transfer Student Success and our partners.   340 students participated in an online questionnaire. The questionnaire asked them to rank on a scale the type of programs, services, and resources they would like to see in the Transfer Center. There was opportunity to elaborate after each section.  45 students participated in face-to-face group dialogue. These groups focused on prioritizing what services and programs should be offered in physical and digital spaces for this academic year. In addition, we also discussed naming the transfer center.  Your responses  Desired programs.  1. career counseling 2. Academic advising hours 3. Networking with faculty 4. Industry/grad school info sessions 5. Career workshops  Desired services.  1. Printing & computer access 2. Individual & group study 3. On-campus event info: career 4. On-campus event info: academic 5. Hangout opportunities  Partnership ideas: wellness ambassadors, career peers/counselors, colleges/majors, food pantry, SVRC  How we will respond Action plan for 19-20  1. Host “Snack n’ Chat” Series on Fridays from 3-5 which cover professional development, academic topics, and transfer student discussions. 2. Provide free computer use, printing, and snacks within the space, as well as on-campus resources both physically and digitally. 3. Collaborate across departments to host student-lead wellness events and socials. Schedules TBD. 4. Train peer coaches who can support students professionally, academically, and personally through their goals. 5. Collaborate with colleges and departments to share opportunities for academic advising and academic planning. 6. Provide tutoring provided by the Teaching + Leaning Commons for high-need courses, such as chemistry.  This is the top of the iceberg! We will continuously reassess and keep growing!  Student feedback: "I just transferred here and I have no idea what I’m doing. I feel like all the work is within my ability, but I am so overwhelmed I end up falling short. Connecting to the campus is something I think is really important to help transfer students with too...I think it can be a bit more intimidating. Overall, all these ideas are exactly what I’ve been venting about with other transfers. I hope this will be available to us soon, as I’ll definitely make use of it."