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Transfer Student Success Council

In Summer 2019, The Transfer Student Workgroup (TSWG) convened to discuss transfer student success
and retention at UC San Diego. Short and long-term goals were created to improve the holistic
educational experience to transfer students on campus. The THWG has successfully advanced the
growth and development of one of these salient short-term goals: the founding of a centrally located
Transfer Student Center (the Triton Transfer Hub).

To enhance cross-campus collaboration, the Transfer Student Workgroup also recommended that a
permanent campus committee is formed to monitor and optimize transfer student experiences, such as
new student onboarding and advising opportunities. With the UC goals to increase graduation rates and
eliminate achievement gaps by 2030, along with Student Affairs' strategic goal to “advance an inclusive
culture and equitable practices and outcomes” at the forefront, the TSWG will shift focus from the Triton
Transfer Hub inception and continue advancing the university goals for transfer student success. What
was formerly called the TSWG will now transition into the Transfer Student Success Council.

The charge of the Transfer Student Success Council will be:
● Cultivate awareness of transfer student programs and supports across campus and within higher
● Collectively strategize campus approach to address transfer student needs and opportunity gaps
based on data-informed evidence.
● Build bridges across departments, colleges, faculty, staff, and students to promote collaborations
for transfer student success.


Members of the Transfer Student Success Council will offer advice,
time, expertise, resources, and advocacy to support the transfer student experience. Members will
represent their department by both keeping the Council informed of transfer updates within their
respective area, and acting as messenger to their represented area by sharing the Council’s transfer

Council Members

  • profile placeholder image

    Jackie Duerr, Ed.D.

    Program Manager, Transfer Student Success

    Council Co-Chair

  • Doug Easterly, Ed.D.

    Doug Easterly, Ed.D.

    Muir College Dean of Academic Advising

    Council Co-Chair

  • Bronwyn Garrison

    Bronwyn Garrison

    Assistant Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Daniel Cardenas, Ed.M.

    Daniel Cardenas, Ed.M.

    Assistant Director, PATHS Program

  • David Galvez, M.Ed.

    David Galvez, M.Ed.

    Interim Director, OASIS
  • Katy Brecht, M.Ed.

    Katy Brecht, M.Ed.

    Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Warren College

  • John Moore, Ph.D.

    John Moore, Ph.D.

    Dean of Undergraduate Education, Professor, Linguistics
  • Natalee Ellars

    Natalee Ellars

    Senior Executive Director, Alumni Engagement
  • Shannon Milligan, Ph.D.

    Shannon Milligan, Ph.D.

    Director of Student Affairs Assessment, Evaluation, and Organizational Development
  • Timothy Borch

    Timothy Borch

    Assistant Director, Transfer Student Services, Office of Admissions
  • profile placeholder image

    Paul Yu, Ph.D.

    Provost, Revelle College