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Triton Transfer Ally Training

Within this self-paced training, learn about research-based transfer experiences and apply it to your unique role. Earn badges as you complete each module! Upon completion, you will be an "expert" in transfer student success and receive a certificate as well as your very own Triton Transfer Ally pin and e-sticker.

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 Learn More About Transfer Students

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The Transfer Student Success staff are experts on transfer student research and the undergraduate transfer student experience here at UC San Diego. View information about transfer students at UC San Diego.


Incoming Student Form Findings

In an effort to learn more about our transfer population's characteristics and preferences, Transfer Student Success sends out an annual intake form to new transfer students. We encourage faculty and staff to review and discuss this information with their colleagues so as to thoughtfully program plan.

2021 Highlights

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2019 Listening Campaign Highlights

Transfer Exit Survey Findings

Transfer Student Success also conducts annual exit survey for graduating transfer students to further understand engagement patterns, feelings of belonging, and post-graduation goals. We encourage faculty and staff to review and discuss this information with their colleagues so as to thoughtfully program plan.

2021 Highlights



Reach out to Program Manager for Transfer Student Success, Dr. Jackie Duerr, to discuss how you can apply these highlights to your unique role.

Presentation & Workshop Requests

Transfer Student Success as an assortment of presentations and workshops focused on transfer resources, services, and topics. Schedule a presentation with us today, and we will work together to meet the needs of your students, faculty, and staff.

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Relevant Research

Interested in brushing up on your transfer student knowledge? We will post new articles every quarter for you to peruse at your leasure. If you would like to discuss how to implement findings into your role, feel free to contact TSS Program Manager, Jackie Duerr ( 

Summer 2021 (theme: transfer receptive culture)

Castro, E. L., & Cortez, E. (2017). Exploring the lived experiences and intersectionalities of Mexican community college transfer students: Qualitative insights toward expanding a transfer receptive culture. Community College Journal of Research and Practice41(2), 77-92.

Del Real Viramontes, J. R. (2020). Latina/o Transfer Students and Community Cultural Wealth: Expanding the Transfer Receptive Culture Framework. Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 1-16.

Herrera, A., & Jain, D. (2013). Building a transfer‐receptive culture at four‐year institutions. New Directions for Higher Education2013(162), 51-59.

 Jain, D., Herrera, A., Bernal, S., & Solorzano, D. (2011). Critical race theory and the transfer function: Introducing a transfer receptive culture. Community College Journal of Research and Practice35(3), 252-266.

BOOK: Jain, D., Melendez, S. N. B., & Herrera, A. R. (2020). Power to the transfer: Critical race theory and a transfer receptive culture. MSU Press.


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Resources to Support Triton Transfers

Get your transfer students connected early to the Triton Transfer Hub for academic, professional, and personal support. Transfer Peer Coaches are here to answer questions and assist students in one-on-one appointments on time management, goal setting, resume building, and more.

If you have a unique experience you would like to discuss, please contact Dr. Jackie Duerr, Program Manager for Transfer Student Success.