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Transfer, Network, Go!


Transfer, Network, Go! Quickstart Guide

Transfer, Network, Go! is a certification program to ensure you hit the ground running by giving you the opportunity to develop connections across different areas within UC San Diego. Transfer, Network, Go! has flexibility so you can get what you need from this experiencee, all while ensuring you engage socially, academically, and professionally. This is a great way to build your on-campus network and your resume!  

This opportunity must be completed within one academic year. We encourage new transfer students to take this on within their first year so you can build these connections early! Although this opportunity is created with transfer student success in mind, it is also open to all UC San Diego students.

What is the benefit of participating in Transfer, Network, Go!?


As transfer students, we sometimes feel that we don’t have enough time to be involved, or maybe we don’t know where to start to find the resources we need. Many times, we only have two years to make the best out of our transfer experience. Transfer, Network, Go! is a great way to get started on making valuable connections and building your network. 

Why is making connections and building your network important? Building a network opens doors to other opportunities across campus, such as jobs, undergraduate research, volunteer work, internships, or letters of recommendations. In addition, students who complete all program requirements will receive a certificate and validation on their Co-Curricular Record (CCR).

  • What does it mean to have CCR validation?
    • UC San Diego has an official record called the Co-Curricular Record (CCR) which highlights student involvement and achievements in opportunities beyond the classroom. Each opportunity includes a brief description and the skills developed on an official record.
    • By completing Transfer, Network, Go!, you will receive official record of your participation in a Professional/Career Development activity and Self-Reflection skills 

 How to complete this Award/Program? 

Step 1: Make a total of ten touch points across campus from the pre-approved list below. You must complete at least two touch points in each of the four categories. Complete the remaining two touch points in any category.

Step 2: As you participate in your touch points, reflect on your experience with our TNG Activity Sheet. Once you finish, complete the Final Reflection & Survey (last page).

Step 3: Submit the TNG Activity Sheet and Final Reflection & Survey to by no later than Spring quarter, Week 10, for approval. Please note that we will be approving throughout the academic year, so you can submit early!



  • Attend your professors or TA’s office hours 
  • Schedule an appointment and meet with with your college advisor
  • Schedule an appointment and meet with your major advisor 
    • Create a quarter by quarter with your college and major advisors 
  • Meet with a tutor
  • Schedule an appointment with the Writing Hub or attend one of their writing workshops 
  • Visit OASIS and attend an academic Resource Workshop
  • Meet with a Transfer Peer Coach to discuss your transition to UC San Diego
  • Attend a Triton Transfer Hub academic event


  • Make an appointment and visit the Career Services Center to discuss any of the following:
    • Resume review
    • Mock interview
    • Career/major navigation support
  • Attend the Career Fair
  • Attend any undergraduate research info sessions
  • Create a REAL portal account profile
    • The REAL Portal connects you to UC San Diego faculty, research scientists, industry partners, and the public.  Maintaining an up-to-date profile on the Portal will increase your visibility to potential advisors and employers
  • Make a LinkedIn account, and join the Triton LinkedIn group
    • Attend an office hour to gain more information on how to build your linkedin profile and grow your personal brand! 
  • Attend events hosted by the Center for Student Involvement
  • Attend a Triton Transfer Hub career event


Personal & Wellness

Attend a workshop hosted by the following: 
If there is an opportunity you would like to count towards one of these criteria that is not listed, please email the opportunity to for advanced approval.