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There are Many Places to Connect with Research and Find Support 

Please see some of the resources for connecting with research from our office and others around UCSD. 

Need Support through a Specific Step in Accessing Research?

Click the bubble of the stage you are at to get support through the process

Check Out UCSD Research Programs

Research programs provide an opportunity to grow your professional and academic network, present at research conferences, and grow your experience in the field of your interest. UCSD offer research programs by department as well as through the Undergraduate Research Hub. These are offered during the summer and throughout the academic year. Programs can offer a range of benefits such as: housing stipends, GRE classes, graduate school application waivers, faculty mentor(s), and so much more! See what program is the best fit for you!

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Want Step by Step Support?

RED Talks is a series that took place over Summer 2023 to be a one stop shop for learning about research at UCSD as a transfer student. These sessions were recorded and are all available to view on our Youtube page. 

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Research and Internship Resources

Please check the areas you have interest in learning more to get connected with resources. 

Connecting with Faculty

  • Finding a Faculty Mentor- follow steps outlined by the Undergraduate Research Hub (URH) on how to begin the search for a faculty mentor, one of the first steps in research
    • Dine-with-a- Prof Program: If you are looking for another way to make a connection with a professor to discuss research opportunities you can apply to receive a voucher from your college to take them out to coffee or a meal as a networking opportunity.
  • Pop over to the office or visit after a class- connect with them and share your interest in their work. Come ready with a resume and questions ready

Where to Connect with Research

Check out the Research and Internship Menu for current and upcoming opportunities at UC San Diego. 

Undergraduate Research Hub 

  • Work under a faculty mentor at UC San Diego
  • Participate in research programs part-time in the academic year and full-time over summer

Academic Internship Program

This is a great option for international students- your work/ internship experience will be related to field of study and may allow for paid work. Contact the AIP team learn more. 

  • Work at UC San Diego or in local companies and organizations
  • Earn course credits
  • Sometimes receive financial compensation
  • Research opportunities are available in every quarter part-time and full time in the summer 

Research Experience & Applied Learning (REAL) Portal 

  • Connect with internships research, service learning and more to apply what you are learning in your coursework
  • Create a profile where faculty and staff can reach you with opportunities

Check out what UCSD Faculty are Researching

    ***more on this in next tab

  • Use this site to browse UCSD faculty research by topic 
  • Check out faculty under majors- this can be your major, one similar, or an area you are interested in
    • Some majors/ departments break into smaller categories or subtopics for easier browsing




  • Want to follow along the steps on your own time, click through your areas of interest and learn more about each step with this interactive website
  • Check out this Infographic 
  • You can use this activity sheet to find how to build your programs of interest into your time at UCSD while honoring your other commitments.  

When can I do Undergraduate Research?

Most programs require 90 quarter units (60 semester units) be completed at the start of your program making most eligible upon transfer to UC San Diego Most applications are open the quarter prior to the quarter research occurs, (ex. apply fall quarter for winter research) We recommend taking your first quarter at UC San Diego to learn about the various opportunities, meet professors, and adjust to the quarter system

Additional Resources