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Triton Transfer Hub Events

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The Triton Transfer Hub hosts events every quarter to get students connected. See what we're offering today!

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Triton Transfer Storytellers

Information on Winter 2024's Contest and Gallery is now available! Participate for a chance to win $1,000 scholarship.

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Community guidelines

To ensure that our digital and physical space remains a friendly, stress-free, and welcoming environment for everyone, we have created a set of community guidelines for all students, staff, and visitors to follow when they are engaging.

  1. Join the conversation: get to know the group! Introduce yourself and ask each other questions. We encourage you to reach out to one another and build relationships here!
  2. Inclusive language: practice inclusive language for all various identities.
  3. Be respectful: treat others how you (and they) want to be treated. Any trolling we see take place will immediately be deleted and user removed from the group; individuals will be removed from physical space.
  4. Safe space: we encourage students to promote a safe environment so students may comfortably use the space. Content that is considered racist, offensive or hurtful to others will be immediately removed and individuals will be removed from physical and digital space.

The Triton Transfer Hub moderators reserve the right to delete content and remove users from digital and physical spaces.

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