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All of us at the Triton Transfer Hub are thrilled to have you join the nearly 8,000 UCSD Transfer Students, that is 33% of all the UCSD students! 

Our team is here to support you from now through graduation. We provide transfer-specific services including academic, professional, and involvement workshops, social events, and one-on-one appointments with peer coaches, an academic support coordinator, and our research and involvement coordinator. We also have a physical space on campus, where many transfers hang out, study, build community and tap into our free snacks and printing. 

How can we be of help now?

  • Register for STEP, Summer Transfer Enrichment Program. This will connect you with the essential resources throughout the summer- our first session is May 31st- learn all about housing on and off campus.
  • Meet with a Transfer Peer Coach- a current UCSD transfer student trained on all resources to the UCSD transfer student. 
  • Visit Triton Transfer’s New Admits Transition Resources page to get connected with resources we feel are most important for our new students!
  • Connect with transfer students on our Discord.
  • Follow us: @TritonTransfers on Instagram and TikTok.

Advice you should know as a fellow Triton Transfer to get you started on the right foot: Make sure to continuously check your Admissions Portal and UC San Diego email for important updates, events, and announcements. You never know what opportunities are available! 


Remember to schedule an appointment with your peer coach!



We are excited to meet you,

The Triton Transfer Hub Team Staff