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Storytellers Gallery is OPEN!

Check out the amazing works of art and stories shared by this year's Triton Transfers.

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 Welcome to the second annual Triton Transfer Storytellers Contest and Gallery!

Each year, Transfer Student Success partners with the Writing Hub to host the Triton Transfer Storytellers Art Contest & Gallery, an art contest which allows transfer students to share their identities and experiences. 

We celebrate art, culture, and experience by giving transfer students an outlet to find unique ways to tell a unique story about themselves. 

Winning pieces will be awarded a $1000 scholarship and are featured within a Gallery as well as the Triton Transfer Hub.

Triton Transfer Storytellers Goals and alignment with the Student Affairs Strategic Plan:

  • Support engagement between students, faculty and staff (1.3, 5.1, 5.3)
  • Enhance knowledge of diverse transfer student experiences and identities through art (2.2, 2.5, UCSD Strategic Plan A 2.2)
  • Provide financial support to participants (4.3)
  • Promote restorative practices of reflection, and celebrate resilience (3.1, 4.2)
  • Implement best practices in retention by promoting self-authorship and increasing a sense of belonging

Why participate in Triton Transfer Storytellers?

After participating in Triton Transfer Storytellers, students had a(n)...

  • Increase of feeling valued and belonging as a transfer student.
  • Increase in feeling proud of what they had accomplished at UCSD.
  • Increased feelings of belief in one's self through hard times.
  • Connection to at least one new faculty or staff member on campus.
  •  Increase in spending more time in self-reflection.

As faculty/staff creative coaches or judges...

  • "It was impressive to see the talent and raw truth in the statements. Transfers are an unseen population sometimes and it was wonderful to hear these voices." - 2021 Judge
  • "Things like this contest are absolutely the reason I wanted to pursue a career in higher education - connecting with students, hearing their struggles and triumphs, and seeing how college can impact their development is so inspiring to me!" - 2021 Creative Coach
  • "I don't often get the chance to hear student's stories, I mean everyday I meet with students but we are so focused with work that we although we get the chance to check in now and then I realize I don't know much about their stories and histories" - 2021 Judge

Information for Students


Information for Faculty & Staff

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By participating, contestants will...

  • Make at least one new faculty or staff connection on campus.
  • Increase their feelings of resilience through self-authorship.
  • Cultivate a stronger sense of belonging.

Gallery viewers will...

  • Further understand transfer student experiences.
  • Discover value in practices which promote self-reflection.


This opportunity is supported in partnership by the Writing Hub.


Storytellers Kickoff Event

Storytellers Kickoff Event:

The Power of Performance: Introduction to Spoken Word Poetry with Karla Cordero 

When: Friday, January 21 @ 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Location: Zoom ID: 964 1022 0682

Come to this workshop put on by renown poet, Karla Cordero, to learn about the potential of this art form to be a new outlet of expression as well as a portal to a supportive community!



2022 Contest Timeline

January 4: Registration Opens and Creative & Writing Coach list becomes available.

January 21: Storytellers Kickoff - The Power of Performance: Introduction to Spoken Word Poetry with Karla Cordero.

January 31 - February 6: Submission window open: submit now!

February 7 - February 18: Judging window.

February 22 - February 25: Contestants notified.

February 28: Art Gallery available!

Contest Guidelines

  • Students must register to participate. By registering, students will gain access to writing and creative coaches for support. We highly encourage you to reach out your coaches throughout the process!
  • Students must submit a work that addresses an experience which represents their identity and their resilience.
  • Any form of art which can be submitted through a digital platform will be accepted. Examples include: Music, Performance/Acting, Dance, Photography, Digital Design, Story, Comic, Poetry, Slam Poetry
    • A note: if you do make a physical form of art, such as a painting or sculpture, we will ask that you take a high quality photo(s) to showcase this piece to us. Should the piece be accepted into the Gallery, we will request that it is gifted to the Triton Transfer Hub for display.
  • Submissions will be made to Google Drive and should be no larger than 10GB.
  • Each entry must be submitted with a synopsis (1 - 2 page double spaced) of how this piece represents your unique story.
  • The synopsis must include how it represents the contest theme of resilience.
  • Students are encouraged to reach out to writing and creative coaches who have volunteered their time to support them in their process. Your meeting with a coach could be included in the judging process!
  • Students must be enrolled in Winter 2022 and Spring 2022 quarters to be eligible for the scholarship.
NOTE: We recommend reviewing the judging rubric to identify what key elements the committee will be looking for when assessing works and synopses. 


How do I sign up to participate?

2022 participation will begin at the end of Fall 2021. Participants must register to submit their work.

What type of art is allowed for submission?
All forms of art which can be submitted digitally will be accepted into this competition. Examples include: Music, Performance/Acting, Dance, Photography, Digital Design, Story, Comic, Poetry, Slam Poetry. You can even submit a painting or drawing - just upload a copy to our submission form!

What kinds of stories can we represent?
Your work of art need not be specific to your transfer transition, but about you as an individual transfer student. Choose a story which showcases your identity, and your resilience. 

Is this contest only open to transfer students?
Because this competition is focused on transfer student identity, transfer student submissions will be prioritized. 

Can I submit something, but not share it in the Gallery?
By submitting your piece and synopsis, you agree to have your art shared on our website and in our physical space should you be a winning design. However, in the submission process, you select to have your piece shared anonymously. 

How and when will the scholarship be granted?
Winners will receive a $1000 scholarship.

What if I maxed out my financial aid?
Talk to Financial Aid about if and how this award impacts your financial aid package.

Who are Creative Coaches, and when should I reach out?
Creative coaches are faculty and staff who have volunteered to support you through your creative and writing process. It is highly encouraged that you reach out to a creative coach; this will be considered within the judging process. Reach out, make a connection, share your story, and brainstorm ideas!

Judging the Contest

We have an amazing group of judges from all around campus who volunteer to review art and synopsis submissions. A rubric has been created to ensure submissions meet contest criteria:

Judges Rubric


2022 Judges Panel

  • Claire Meaders, Assistant Teaching Professor for the Division of Biological Sciences
  • Daniel Alfaro, Program Manager for Undocumented Student Services
  • Helen Han, Senior Associate Director for the Career Center
  • Lisa Phung, Peer Coach within the Triton Transfer Hub
  • Maggie Thach, Undergraduate Services Coordinator for the Writing Hub
  • Mario Garibay, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for Muir College
  • Natalie Ellars, Senior Executive Director for Alumni Engagement
  • Timothy Borch, Assistant Director of Transfer Student Services within the Office of Admissions


Your '21 Creative & Writing Coaches

Creative and Writing coaches are resources for participants as they embark on their reflective, creative, and writing journeys. They will work with you - challenging you to think critically about you previous experiences and identity, and how this information is reflected within your artwork and synopsis.

You are highly encourage to meet with a creative coach - this could be considered in the judging process!

View PDF of all creative coaches.