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About Rei Perez-Munoz

Hello! My name is Rei Perez Munoz, and I am a first-generation transfer student at UC San Diego. My research interests include early childhood development, mental health, and racialized health disparities. Some fun facts about me are that I was born in Cuba and have two cats named Mendel and Darwin. My hobbies include painting and hiking, and in my free time, I enjoy reading high-fantasy novels or watching period dramas. I am an avid baker and try to perfect one dessert yearly—my best being five cheesecakes in one summer. I consider myself an introvert (my Myers-Briggs is INFP) and more of an active listener than a speaker; however, I feel these are personal strengths when engaging with others. I am always willing to sit down and work through a problem with someone, whether personal or academic. 

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