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Transfer Advisory Committee

The Transfer Advisory Committee (TAC) is a standing committee that is central to the Triton Transfer Hub, the Transfer Student Success Coalition (TSSC), and Associated Students (AS). TAC communicates the needs and strengths of the Triton Transfer student experience to the Transfer Hub and TSSC, providing feedback on new initiatives and transfer student-focused proposals. 

The TAC is responsible for:

  • Creating and facilitating conversations that pertain to transfer student success and issues.
  • Meeting with other student organizations that could be beneficial to supporting the transfer experience.
  • Providing guidance and suggestions to the Triton Transfer Hub pro-staff.
  • Ensuring that the needs of transfer students are being met.
  • Reaching out to the UCSD transfer community should questions arise that the council cannot answer. 

Committee Members


Jackie Duerr, Ed.D.

Program Manager, Transfer Student Success  (Co-Chair)



Mercedes Limon

AS Transfer Representative (Co-Chair)




Maya Bolle

First-Year Representative  


Simon Roberts

First-Year Representative

Jillian Magidson

On-Campus Representative


Rijul Verma

Off-Campus Representative 


International Student Representative 

Beatriz Rodelo

Students with Dependents Representative 


Jared Stearns 

Transfer Hub Student Representative


ERC College Representative

 Manpreet Seroa

Marshall College Representative

Helena Teir-Aguon

Muir College Representative

Elan Ortiz

Revelle College Representative


Seventh College Representative

Annie Kim

Warren College Representative