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Frequently Asked Questions

Triton Transfer Hub Questions

  • Where is the Triton Transfer Hub located?
    • Find us in Pepper Canyon Hall, Room 261!
      • During summer, we will be providing hybrid services.
  • Do I need to sign up to be a member of the Triton Transfer Hub?
    • Nope! As a Triton Transfer, you will have full access to all of the Triton Transfer Hub’s services.
  • How do I become involved with the Triton Transfer Hub?
    • Be on the lookout for our weekly newsletters for opportunities to be involved with the Triton Transfer Hub, as well as other transfer-related events and updates!
    • You can also participate in our volunteer program!
  • What is a Transfer Peer Coach?
    • We are transfer students like you! As a part of the Triton Transfer Hub, we do 1:1 coaching appointments to talk about anything from academic, professional, and social goals. We also host many events, workshops, and socials for transfer students specifically.
  • Are we going to be on campus and in person in the fall?
    • Yes! We will be in Pepper Canyon Hall Room 261 throughout the academic year.

Academics/Registration Questions

  • When do i turn in transcripts/ how do we know if it has been received
    • Check out the Office of Undergraduate Admissions FAQ page! Your Enrollment Checklist will update when your transcripts have been received - but give some additional time for them to process and get into the system.
  • How do I reach out to an advisor?
    • The Virtual Advising Center (VAC) can best assist you with being in contact with an advisor. At the start of summer you can ask your questions through the VAC but later on, this is where you’ll be able to schedule your appointment with an advisor.
  • When do I make my academic plan? Which advisor do I see?
    • We recommend seeing an academic advisor for both your college and your major departments. 
    • You an begin making your two-year plan independently! Use this Build Your Academic Plan guide put together by the Triton Transfer Hub and the College Deans of Academic Advising to get a head start, then reach out to your advisors to check your work!
  • When do I register for classes?
  • How many classes should I take?
    • To be considered a full time undergraduate student, you are required to take 12 units, which is typically 3-4 classes.
    • Meet with an advisor with both your Major Department and your College to make a 2-year academic plan.
    • Make sure you also talk to Financial Aid about any financial support you might be receiving, and how your units might impact this.
  • Can transfers change their major?
    • This is dependent on the major you wish to change into. Talk to your advisors about your options. Please note, you must accept admittance offer first and talk to necessary advisors.
  • Can transfers double major?
    • Definitely. We highly recommended you to check with advisors to make sure you can do it and stay on track!
  • How do I add a minor?
    • Through TritonLink, under the Advising & Grades Tab select the option that says Major & Minor. There you can select a minor and what tentative classes you plan to take to complete it.

Housing Questions

  • Where are incoming transfer students housed on campus? 
    • This fall there will be new transfer housing at Pepper Canyon! There are also Transfer specific spaces at Matthews Apartments and Rita Atkinson Apartments.
  • Can you pick roommates & apartment mates? 
    • You CAN pick apartment mates! Please continue to check your school email inbox for updates on any action items for this.
  • Can incoming transfers live off campus? 

Commuting Questions

  • Can I bring a car? If so, where can I park?
  • I don’t have a car.. How do I get around San Diego?
    • We are partnered with the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS), which allows you to explore greater San Diego at no cost! Click here for more information on public transit.

Leadership, Involvement, Study Abroad Questions